KutuCG first month progress

It's been a month since KutuCG been launched. The forum has reached 223 members registration so far. Although 30% are non-active. However, it's an exciting news!

So far I've changed the header image and listened to members' feedback. It's tiring definitely, but I guess this is the most important part. Although not all of the issues can be resolved, I'm still looking for the workaround and fixing it asap.

During the first month, there's been some activities going on, notably 2D and 3D mini challenge with given theme "SHIO". It's just ended today and the result are impressive. Check it out 2D MINI 3D MINI

Besides that, there are also some tutorials available from myself and our members.
Please check it out HERE

January site statistic:
2150 unique visitors
5687 number of visits
109534 Pages
354867 hits
2.5GB bandwidth

January Board statistic:
Total number of users: 223
Total number of topics: 151
Total number of posts: 2537

What's coming for February? KutuCG will begin another mini 3D and 2D challenge with "Valentine" theme. I will also propose to have another challenge section called 'Modeling contest', which can be sculpting/mechanical object only. This has shorter amount of deadline and aimed toward busy members who's already in the industry and want something easy and short to finish.

I would like to sincerely thank forum members who support this forum.


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