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Phillip Island

Semester has just finished. There's one more assignment to go, Business proposal. Just came back from weekend trip to Phillip island with Hardy's family and friends. It's a great experience.

More photos are uploaded in Facebook.

Slow Update

It's been a slow update recently, been busy with assignment. Collaborative project has just finished, and we're all satisfied with the result. 3 more assignments to go. I just update layout to a new one.

Been playing with maya2009 lately, it's worth upgrading I would say. The IPR is getting better in this version. Also the animation and render passes in mental ray are awesome. The animation layer would somehow use trax editor workflow, just that it's more simplified and easier to use in term of workflow.

School is just approx 4 weeks to go. After that it's party time... or more like a... [insert your own opinion here]