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Slowly work my A** off..

Nothing much...

more update soon.. I mean.. 'soon'

A tiny update

Not that I'm lazy, I'm relatively busy these days, though it's not CG related anymore... been helping my dad business, especially during fasting season (puasa), it's hell lots of customers, spare my time in gym, and sculpture (even though it's not started yet, preparing some homemade stuffs that couldn't be found here), and the fact that I'm still using a lousy home computer here...sigh.

I just got 301, so for now I'll stick with that since it's a lot lighter compare to maya in memory resource. Can't wait to start texturing on my cylinder character. Probably on Idul fitri, hey we got 1 week holiday rite? :)

Besides, I'm working on something with a partner, not a right time to announce yet.. :) will be..