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Swap alt<->command(windows logo) in boot camp mac keyboard

Having installed bootcamp in my mac, using apple keyboard is a little bit troublesome, especially when I'm used to regular pc keyboard layout. In bootcamp, alt(option) react as alt in windows, whereby command key react as windows logo. This is getting annoying when I start using 3d application like maya or modo where you click alt key a lot for viewport navigation. Another example is when I'm playing Dota, I keep holding alt almost all the time to show health bars.

I found a software called AutoHotkey which enable custom configuration on the keyboard. All you need is install the software. After that, open your notepad and fill in with this code:



What it does is swapping both key. Save it as win-alt.ahk

Double click on it to activate.

You can choose to put the file in the startup folder to let it run everytime you boot windows.

Now, get back to dota and time to own.

*Update on 09 January 2009

I've found a new software called keytweak which basically does same t…

Got DSL today!

Finally, after few weeks.. subscribed to TPG ADSL2+ 150gb/mth plan. Geez I thought it's difficult to setup a network in mac. I purchased Netgear DG834Gv4 Modem router. Review said it's better compared to D-Link DSL-G604T, and checked out that it's just different by $4 *promotion in JB-Hifi. At first I was kinda doubt. D-link package cover mentioned it's compatible with mac, whereas Netgear didn't state clearly (though it said any OS with TCP/IP compatible).

Once home, plugged to the mac, connect the ethernect cable and trying to setup the router (Although DSL is not activated yet). In the beginning there's a confusion. Mac didn't read the cable. It's stated unplugged. WTF, I thought either my mac ethernet socket or the cable was broken, but I could connect to the modem setting via web interface.

Few days afterward, I received an email from TPG that my DSL account has been activated. My joy didn't last long however. I tried to connect the modem to the …

Rmit 1 Limkokwing 0

This proves it. Owned.

Mac Win

Purchased iMac 20" 2.66 ghz and upgrade to 4gb ram. So far lovely... though cursing most 3d apps run in Windows only. Dejavu, like how I hated Maya upon migrating from Lightwave.

Did I say Mac win? Bootcamped and xp running.. So it's win win solution.

First day in Melbourne

Just arrived after 12 hours transit time from Singapore. I'm damn tired and worn out. It's not as freezing as people said *maklum aku anak kampung. Currently staying in my friend's apt for temporary before getting my own. Apts here are definitely better than KL. Getting a nap soon, goin to bank to settle account and school to get any other informations. I like the weather here!

Stuff I'm rumbling now.. Mac or Pc...?