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Extremely Busy & Habu

Again, I'm not dead. Just been extremely busy these few weeks. Looking back at my post here which was last year's entry, I finally get a Habu mouse. Some of you may say I'm insane, in fact, all the people in my office said so. It cost me RM250 (Rp.650.000). I believe I was physically and mentally healthy upon the transaction. Well, for a mouse that you use regularly everyday, is it too harsh to invest a little bit more on it? Besides I've been using my old white mouse(which was my favorite) till I got wrist injured :)

I'll be writing on how to create a UI for character animation selection. Not really my preference, but since I'm out of idea and BuGuru requested it, might give it a try.

Maya 8.5 Service Pack 1

Previously in maya 8.5, batch rendering with render layer cause a loop. No more confusion now.

You can get the service pack update here