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anatomy site and ref

FlipBook tryin

Art tutorial by Niklas Jansen

It's very very very useful!


Started to play around with Vray rendering, seems promising in the 1.5 preview. here are some links related:
chaos group forum

Reflective Values
posted by Jon Reynolds
archived on 11.3.2003

pure aluminum /polished/ 80 - 87 %
polished aluminum 65 - 75 %
matte aluminum 55 - 75 %
aluminum painting 55 - 65 %
steel 25 - 30 %
INOX 80-90%
polished chrome 60 - 70 %
high polished copper 60 - 70 %
high polished brass 70 - 75 %

light oak /polished/ 25 - 35 %
dark oak /polished/ 10 - 15 %
wood chipboard 25 - 40%
white paper 70 - 80 %

granite 20 - 25 %
lime stone 35 - 55 %
polished marble 30 - 70 % (depending on color)
light stucco 40 - 45 %
dark stucco (rough) 15 - 25 %
concrete /rough/ 20 - 30 %
bricks red/new 10 - 15 %

glass 5 - 10 %
silver mirror 80 - 88 %
high polished mirror 92 - 95 %
white tiles 75 - 80 %
white enamel 65 - 75 %
white lacquer 80 - 85 %

Reflections/refractions 101
posted by Flipside
archived on 17.1.2004

Ok, some clarification about reflections/refractions:

Reflection color: it replaces a number for t…


I'll constantly update this post for some great art reference site.

japanese creature
the monster lab
the sculptors corner
Howard Studios
Shiflett Brothers
for uploading : uploadhut

Lor's Farewell...

Last day Ah Lor working here in Twisted. We will miss him for sure...the craziest, most cheerful guys that bring us joy and fun. All the best bud.
Ahlor's site:

maya shading tutorial


heavy workload and bad weather finally got me flu this entire!

updated links in local artists and added great sites link.

VFXAsia exhibition + Zbrush XSI Maya Pipeline

from Pixologic

"The ZPipeline guides written by industry artists guide the novice to advanced user in getting all their ZBrush-rich detail into their 3D animation package of choice."

Pixologic has released the first two in a series of pipeline guides detailing workflows between ZBrush and major 3D applications. The first two in this series are ZBrush to XSI by Greg Punchatz and ZBrush to Maya by Scott Spencer. The guides come in a over 30 pages a piece and cover in detail techniques and common pitfalls associated with moving meshes and maps between applications. The Maya guide covers the new 32bit floating point displacement option as well as using ZBrush to generate bump and diffuse maps based on your sculpted geometry. The XSI guide covers displacement workflow, shader setup, UV regions, render troubleshooting and more! Hopefully these will be a help to anyone integrating ZBrush into their exsisting workflow.

Download at


here it is...

Hi guys,

How are you two keeping up? Are y'all back from Penang?
Anyways, reason i'm writing is to see if you guys have leads for me.

Red Comm is embarking on a digital movie to be released in GSC's
digital cinemas and we are looking for helpers to help us on during
shoot. Its a small budget production (and hence, small small team from
red com!)with ming jin as director (he directed Salon, currently in
cinemas). Its a coming of age story....with abt 10-12 day shoot in mid
december. Anyways...was wondering if you have any students or friends
who just graduated or wants to get into the industry..Its a good time
for them to meet ppl and learn abt movie making..and get hands
experience on the job. We will need them to be more of a Production
Asst to run and jump for my poor Prod Manager, handle talents, help
set-up set, etc. We wont be paying much...but food & drinks will be
covered la. Its more of a learning experience...

Anyways...if you know of anyone that is…

Production Assistant wanted ASAP

Our company needed a production assistant for a shooting which will be started next month. Anybody interested please email me at :)
Details will be posted later...
Please inform all your friends who are desperately looking for job. This might be a good chance to start :)

Maya render batch tips

what I learnt today:
Batch Render, go to maya help and type batch render flags;
useful for production, because you can render more than 1 scene while you're having coffee or in your dream.
basically the syntax is : render [option] [filename]
refer to the help, this is the common flags used:
-n -s -e -proj -rd
-n = number of processors used, 0 for automatic/all processors available
-s = start frame
-e = end frame
-proj = name of the project.
-rd = render directory (where images should be put)
Here's funny thing, try it : type 'failure' in google search.
*found by my french colleague, Matthew :)

VFX workshop + wullik worm

upcoming VFX workshop from Dreamworks in Singapore. (I'm registering :) )

Had a worm attacked on my PC last nite. Panic like hell..
it's wullik worm, luckily it's not harming, just annoying..
installed Norton, update the virus definition files..
deleted, hopefully it's fine now..
Please, back up your files..serious!
you don't know how precious your datas are till you're in this position :)
Takin a lot of coffee now in the office :P

FlipBook + StrutYourReel interview

cool flipbook to do simple animation.

Doug Bennett interview:

How to critique other people works in constructive way:

Who likes critiques? Critiques are part and parcel of our business. Without them we won’t get better in our craft, we don’t know how close we are to the director’s vision, we could be deceiving ourselves and thinking that we are hot when we’re not, and without the positive ones we could deceive ourselves into thinking we are no good. So critiques are obviously important, but why don’t we usually like them? Most likely because we feel a close affinity to our creation and when someone gives us a negative critique we feel they are actually critiquing us… ouch. In a way this is true… after all it was you who created that animation - so it is your fault (for better or worse)! Sigh…

So here are some of my thoughts about critiques:

Subjectivity/Objectivity - Well, you know, different people have di…