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Farewell Twisted

My last day working in Twisted. 2 year time definitely leave so much good and bad memories. Time to move on however. Thanks to all my colleagues for being supportive.

I'll still be in KL until end of August. Enough time to settle my education stuffs and keep in touch with old friends.

Farewell soon..Eat Eat Eat

Went to Klang to eat BakGutTeh last nite with colleagues.

More pictures on the dinner can be viewed on my collegues Loong's blog

Went to celebrate my farewell in Indonesian Restaurant in Sunway "Restoran Ria"

New Hobby

Yesterday went to art shop to buy some basic traditional sculpting tools. It's expensive, so gotta be serious in this hobby.

No, it's not 'kue bakul'.. It's industrial styling clay :P I was thinking to buy super sculpey aswell, but my budget didn't allow and I'm afraid it'll cause overweight on my luggage when I go back Medan next month.

Did some housekeeping for this blog. The category is simplified and more organized now.

Rectangular size texture map

Usually we will create square size texture map and for games engine, it'll mostly must be power of 2, e.g : 512x512,1024x1024,2048x2048. However there are particular case which require rectangular size, like 1024x512, or 512x128.

In maya itself, the uv range is always square, this is confusing because if we have a rectangular size texture slapped on square size layout, it will be stretched. Look at the image below.

The uv size range from 0 to 1. And it's square. Let's apply rectangular size texture.

The texture is now stretched. What if we want the uv to follow the texture rather than the other way round?
Use image ratio as shown in the image.

However, this result UV to stretch. Therefore, you need to work in the proper uv (image ratio on).
Once you're done with the uv, you can turn image ratio off. It'll look stretched (shrinked), but it doesn't matter, because that's the correct uv with correct texture. Unless you're planning to change the texture size :)

2isted Website Updated

We just updated our website with some of our latest works. Please have a look and thanks for viewing.

*click the title to go to the website.

Custom character control interfaces

As suggested by BuGuru, I would like to explain some of the custom character controls available. There's no point on creating your own unless the existing doesn't suit your workflow.

1) David Keegan C3[download]

This is by far the simplest and step by step guide.
1) By executing the script you're prompted with a dialog to setup or load character.
2) If you choose setup, the first step is to define the character(type the name), what it does is to snap a screenshot based on the camera(It is actually playblasting currentframe and save it as images)
3) Once you click done, the next step is to define the control, you can select and move it in x and y direction, the select field works this way:
- select the control on C3 viewport, select any object/control in maya viewport.
- press the 'select' button. C3 will link both object.
- Under the tool, you can either select one, so by selecting the control, it automatically change to the tool corresponding to the tool you select.
refer …