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Which sounds best?

Please help me with the survey..

Which sounds best?
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Turned out I used and it's alive now :)


I suck at drawing, need to practice more..

From idrawgirl tutorials

GA mini sculpting challenge #1 mud monster

Work in progress screenshot


My entry here

Phillip Island

Semester has just finished. There's one more assignment to go, Business proposal. Just came back from weekend trip to Phillip island with Hardy's family and friends. It's a great experience.

More photos are uploaded in Facebook.

Slow Update

It's been a slow update recently, been busy with assignment. Collaborative project has just finished, and we're all satisfied with the result. 3 more assignments to go. I just update layout to a new one.

Been playing with maya2009 lately, it's worth upgrading I would say. The IPR is getting better in this version. Also the animation and render passes in mental ray are awesome. The animation layer would somehow use trax editor workflow, just that it's more simplified and easier to use in term of workflow.

School is just approx 4 weeks to go. After that it's party time... or more like a... [insert your own opinion here]

cylman re-render


What is your favorite graphic viewer?

ACDsee, Picasa, XnView, FastStone image viewer, Windows image viewer, Nero image viewer?
No...I've tried all of them.. but
Irfanview FTW!

IrfanView is a very fast, small, compact and innovative FREEWARE (for non-commercial use) graphic viewer for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista.

Orbit Downloader

Previously I was using flashget as download manager which is 5.5mb in size, and it has built in torrent, which personally I don't quite like it. On top of that I had to use flashgot which is a firefox plugin to capture link from browser (oh yeah this is freakin useful for rapidshare links) and transfer it to flashget. Now I uninstalled both flashgot and flashget, getting an Orbit Downloader, which is just 2.2mb in size, and better.. it has built in firefox integration.

Cylman finished

Gosh finally I'm able to focus on school assignment now.

Model in maya, texture in Zbrush and photoshop, Rendered in Modo.

Google chrome

Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier.

One box for everything
Type in the address bar and get suggestions for both search and web pages.

Thumbnails of your top sites
Access your favorite pages instantly with lightning speed from any new tab.

Shortcuts for your apps
Get desktop shortcuts to launch your favorite web applications.

Cylman full body texture WIP

Full body texture is done, gonna put it on hold for a while, balancing out my school assignments.

Need to fix the glove, not really satisfied with it

Using QR-code

It's been a trend in Japan recently to use qr-code as a communication medium.

Kaywa has came up with its unique concept of this method. As you can see I have my own qr-code in this blog.

The way it worked is to use your Handphone's camera, together with kaywa mobile application which is called kaywa reader, which will scan the code, decode it, and open the decoded link, be it url, message, text, etc.

Once scanned from the mobile phone...

The qr-code in this blog serve as a mobile version of this blog, like below

It's viewed like this inside your phone.

Other than that, you can generate your own QR-code here

Zbrush 3 mac


1 hour speed sculpt

Got invitation from Coke via msn buzz.

Cylman Trousers

Small update on the weekend.


Mac mouse sucks, except the 360* scroll bar. Well visually it's nice, but when comes to work it's just not ergonomic. So I purchased Razer Krait. But I just realized when I plugged it, the movement is just weird. I don't know how to explain but it's the 'feel', which is much better in Windows. Worse, there's no mac driver for this mouse. Desperately looking for solution, I found this software.

Last Pass

Lastpass is the online password manager. I found this site very very useful that I'm interested to share. Lots of you and me probably dealing with bunch of passwords online that are often forgotten. Now you don't have to.

Click the picture to go to the link, watch the short video tutorial and let yourself worry free.

Cylman update

Forgot to post this last time, a test render matching live environment.

Finished the head texture for now.

Zimbabwe inflation

I thought having 1 billion rupiah in Indonesia is considered rich.

GridIron Flow

Flow is a revolutionary approach to digital content management that dramatically simplifies the design process for creative professionals working on graphic design, web and video projects. Flow automatically tracks your work from idea to end result and manages your assets and applications for your most complex projects- all without changing the way you work.

Alien Brain, just node based :)


Random pics

Just random pics taken during moving to new house.

Swap alt<->command(windows logo) in boot camp mac keyboard

Having installed bootcamp in my mac, using apple keyboard is a little bit troublesome, especially when I'm used to regular pc keyboard layout. In bootcamp, alt(option) react as alt in windows, whereby command key react as windows logo. This is getting annoying when I start using 3d application like maya or modo where you click alt key a lot for viewport navigation. Another example is when I'm playing Dota, I keep holding alt almost all the time to show health bars.

I found a software called AutoHotkey which enable custom configuration on the keyboard. All you need is install the software. After that, open your notepad and fill in with this code:



What it does is swapping both key. Save it as win-alt.ahk

Double click on it to activate.

You can choose to put the file in the startup folder to let it run everytime you boot windows.

Now, get back to dota and time to own.

*Update on 09 January 2009

I've found a new software called keytweak which basically does same t…

Got DSL today!

Finally, after few weeks.. subscribed to TPG ADSL2+ 150gb/mth plan. Geez I thought it's difficult to setup a network in mac. I purchased Netgear DG834Gv4 Modem router. Review said it's better compared to D-Link DSL-G604T, and checked out that it's just different by $4 *promotion in JB-Hifi. At first I was kinda doubt. D-link package cover mentioned it's compatible with mac, whereas Netgear didn't state clearly (though it said any OS with TCP/IP compatible).

Once home, plugged to the mac, connect the ethernect cable and trying to setup the router (Although DSL is not activated yet). In the beginning there's a confusion. Mac didn't read the cable. It's stated unplugged. WTF, I thought either my mac ethernet socket or the cable was broken, but I could connect to the modem setting via web interface.

Few days afterward, I received an email from TPG that my DSL account has been activated. My joy didn't last long however. I tried to connect the modem to the …

Rmit 1 Limkokwing 0

This proves it. Owned.

Mac Win

Purchased iMac 20" 2.66 ghz and upgrade to 4gb ram. So far lovely... though cursing most 3d apps run in Windows only. Dejavu, like how I hated Maya upon migrating from Lightwave.

Did I say Mac win? Bootcamped and xp running.. So it's win win solution.

First day in Melbourne

Just arrived after 12 hours transit time from Singapore. I'm damn tired and worn out. It's not as freezing as people said *maklum aku anak kampung. Currently staying in my friend's apt for temporary before getting my own. Apts here are definitely better than KL. Getting a nap soon, goin to bank to settle account and school to get any other informations. I like the weather here!

Stuff I'm rumbling now.. Mac or Pc...?

Google Labs in Gmail feature

Gmail has been my favourite email account due to it's stability and fast in loading, and less spams too. Recently there's a feature called 'Labs'. It's an experimental project to enhance workflow.

One thing I've enabled so far is mouse gesture.

Go to these settings to activate it.

Once saved, Gmail will reload, and click on the message.

Right click and move mouse to right -> next message.
Right click and move mouse to left -> previous message.
Right click and move mouse to up -> Back to Inbox

Rapid share premium account from RSpoints

Finally bought my rapidShare premium account from Rspoints. Had a chat with Ryan, one of the guy over there asking bout term and policy regarding the usage. At first I doubt RapidShare(RS) will block my account, coz I'm using dynamic IP from Speedy. Also, I'm moving to Melb next week, I'm afraid downloading from different country might affect my account too. It's all explained well, and honestly I'm very satisfied. Even after my transaction, I'm not abandoned. Really helpful staff and quality service.

p.s if you're interested in getting one, contact me for special price :P

Alchemy open drawing project

Alchemy is an open drawing project aimed at exploring how we can sketch, draw, and create on computers in new ways. Alchemy isn’t software for creating finished artwork, but rather a sketching environment that focuses on the absolute initial stage of the creation process. Experimental in nature, Alchemy lets you brainstorm visually to explore an expanded range of ideas and possibilities in a serendipitous way.

Firefox 3 certificate

Heh, Download yours today.

Firefox 3 missing button solved

Firefox 3 has just launched today. Though the main server is down due to heavy traffic, I manage to download via filehippo.

However upon finishing my default installation, the back button is missing. I thought it's default when you don't have any previous link. But indeed it's missing. I tried to search for google, but the result was mostly related to RC version bug. They shouldn't have this problem on final release of Firefox 3!

After a while, I finally figured out it must be the layout issue. To solve this problem, go to view > toolbars > Customize...

You can either drag the button to the layout, or just click 'restore default set'.

Voila! Solved.

I'm rich!

Oh well, not so soon yet...

Happy 24th Birthday

Wow,2 years have passed since bloggin here,

The Bday post in 2006 :

Oh shit I forgot to post my bday entry in 2007?
Maybe too busy with this project :

Whatever it is, thanks to all my friends who had sent sms, friendster message, buzz me online, and the special one who called me even before the bday time, I know it's a little bit sad I didn't spend my big day with you.

It's quite an unsual celebration, I had family dinner, which was kinda odd, cause all this time, it's crazy time with friends. But simply, I'm really happy.

So what's this year resolution or hope or achievement??
Ah crap.. just enjoy life~

Back from Penang

It's last week actually, got diagnosed and the result was that I'm fine? Means no lower back injury, no protruding joints, what the heck? I got my blood checked *the doctor was not convinced that I suffer injury, and it turned out that I had a quite undecent rheumatic factor, which is slighty above normal, therefore I suffer pain every morning I woke. No serious actions needed, just 1 tablet of medicine every nite after dinner.

Well, the good news is, I can get back to jogging, and gym perhaps :)

Ever since I suffer from this pain, my lifestyle has turned up side down. Used to wake up after 9/10 o'clock, now I woke up earlier than everybody else at home. 6.45am exactly, preparing to swim. And do some weightlifting after work. Sunday routine, 5.30am jogging with some friends. My fav magz which was used to be 3DWorld has changed to MensHealth and Muscle Indonesia. Taking care of what I ate, and get enough rest. The result, 11kg lost since Sept07, Body fat reduced from 34%-18%.…

A gift from the east

I just received a gift from Hendriyo, my 3D fella who joined 2isted as an intern and worked under my supervision. Truly I never expect anything from you. It's been good to hear you're improving so much from then and I hope you keep learning and sharing your knowledge :)

It's a rattan from Kamoro race in Papua, which is used to build Honai house. Whatever it is, I'm really honored for this and truly, it's more valuable than the Ipod I requested haha... j/k

*Hendriyo & me, cadbury project on set location.