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Zbrush 3 mac


1 hour speed sculpt

Got invitation from Coke via msn buzz.

Cylman Trousers

Small update on the weekend.


Mac mouse sucks, except the 360* scroll bar. Well visually it's nice, but when comes to work it's just not ergonomic. So I purchased Razer Krait. But I just realized when I plugged it, the movement is just weird. I don't know how to explain but it's the 'feel', which is much better in Windows. Worse, there's no mac driver for this mouse. Desperately looking for solution, I found this software.

Last Pass

Lastpass is the online password manager. I found this site very very useful that I'm interested to share. Lots of you and me probably dealing with bunch of passwords online that are often forgotten. Now you don't have to.

Click the picture to go to the link, watch the short video tutorial and let yourself worry free.

Cylman update

Forgot to post this last time, a test render matching live environment.

Finished the head texture for now.

Zimbabwe inflation

I thought having 1 billion rupiah in Indonesia is considered rich.

GridIron Flow

Flow is a revolutionary approach to digital content management that dramatically simplifies the design process for creative professionals working on graphic design, web and video projects. Flow automatically tracks your work from idea to end result and manages your assets and applications for your most complex projects- all without changing the way you work.

Alien Brain, just node based :)


Random pics

Just random pics taken during moving to new house.