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New phone

This morning went to plaza to buy a new phone, yes my old one is really old.. Just for the sake of camera, if not I won't change...

Nothing fancy, simple and elegant.. :D

Body workout

Started to go to gym these few days, doing some workout after several years never did... Hell lotsa pain.. but no pain no gain... Ironic..

Started to register for a new school, but heck they're not convinced after 2 years I graduated, I need to compile my demoreel sigh..

Life's been good, I'm indeed not as relax as I can imagine, especially this week.. but it's all good and fun.

Still I miss Twisted, the people there.. some friends and definitely my girlfriend :D

Medan I come

Finally i arrived Medan. First thing first, wii on widescreen! hehe..

More funs coming along. :)

FYI, anyone trying to contact me can reach me at +6281 9609 3837
My old number has expired due to fail of reloading on time ^^