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Back from Penang

It's last week actually, got diagnosed and the result was that I'm fine? Means no lower back injury, no protruding joints, what the heck? I got my blood checked *the doctor was not convinced that I suffer injury, and it turned out that I had a quite undecent rheumatic factor, which is slighty above normal, therefore I suffer pain every morning I woke. No serious actions needed, just 1 tablet of medicine every nite after dinner.

Well, the good news is, I can get back to jogging, and gym perhaps :)

Ever since I suffer from this pain, my lifestyle has turned up side down. Used to wake up after 9/10 o'clock, now I woke up earlier than everybody else at home. 6.45am exactly, preparing to swim. And do some weightlifting after work. Sunday routine, 5.30am jogging with some friends. My fav magz which was used to be 3DWorld has changed to MensHealth and Muscle Indonesia. Taking care of what I ate, and get enough rest. The result, 11kg lost since Sept07, Body fat reduced from 34%-18%.…

A gift from the east

I just received a gift from Hendriyo, my 3D fella who joined 2isted as an intern and worked under my supervision. Truly I never expect anything from you. It's been good to hear you're improving so much from then and I hope you keep learning and sharing your knowledge :)

It's a rattan from Kamoro race in Papua, which is used to build Honai house. Whatever it is, I'm really honored for this and truly, it's more valuable than the Ipod I requested haha... j/k

*Hendriyo & me, cadbury project on set location.

Melbourne study cancelled

It's quite an old news, but some friends of mine haven't been informed yet. My further study to Melbourne has been postponed. It's sorta last minute decision, where everything has been settled down, from school fee to air ticket. I had dengue fever on January, oh well.. rite before Sibayak trip, and the fact my back joint is not getting any close to full recovery. My parents are worried, thus asking advice from the doctor. The result was obvious. I need to rest.. at least I got time till next semester. I was supposed to go to Penang for medical checkup last week, but unfortunately one of my uncle passed away, and again, the tickets gone. Not to be regretted, important thing come first which is my uncle's funeral ceremony. Therefore, hopefully, if god allow, I'll be flying to Penang this monday.

So what did I do in Medan when I'm supposed to be in Melbourne?
First thing off, swimming with my buddy Bobby early in the morning, daily.. to increase my back strength.Le…