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The reason why I stop 3d for a while

It's a rare case, but having a bad lifestyle for over few years (forsaking sleep, meal, sitting too long in front of computer, stress, etc) lead me to back injury, it started to get pain on August 2006, but I didn't really bother that, till it's seriously pain and I went to check with the doctor and had my back MRI scanned. Turned out my 4/5 Lumbar joint is protruding, so now.. I gotta rest.. total bed rest.. sigh.. Not a good year to start with...

So my fellow CG artists and friends.. please do take care of your health :) It's more important than anything else, and now only I realize, really realized....

Happy new year 2008

This has end my 2007 with a surprise...

My work in progress cylinder man has been published by Kok in his latest comic. Definitely gonna finish this wip soon. Thanks ah KOK!

ps. btw, my name is not neo... :P