kutuCG V2

I've to rebuild kutuCG due to my HDD crashed. All my previous working files are gone. I've migrated the engine from punBB. It was good, fast, and light. But lack of features, like PM, polling, and some moderation tools. It can be done by hacking/ adding plugin, but this also mean messing up with the database. Shortly said, the new engine is much more easier, learning curve was easy, and customization is sweet! although I feel it appeared to be a little slower than punBB, but hence the features it offers, gotta compromise. Therefore I tried to use less graphic buttons and relied more on CSS. Here's the layout when launched....

EVERYBODY COMPLAINED! it's too bright. Therefore I worked my ass out to match V1 look as closed as possible :p


  1. Keep it up bud! carry on as long as you enjoy it =D !! we salute you bro! Cheers!

  2. alo leo..

    gw baru nemu utk mbackup yg aman, mbackupnya pake Robocopy ato Robust file.. kyk file sync gt.. jd ngga perlu raid 1.. ngga tau kalo dimac ada ato ngga..

  3. Personally i like the bring version, i don't understand why all the CG forums have to dark.. again personally i like the bright version.


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