HDD Screwed up

Dropped my Lacie 750gb ext HDD last nite when I tried to move my monitor. Tried to turn it on again, seemed like physical failure. Brought it to JB hifi to claim warranty but they asked me to do it myself.. fuck. Email and called Lacie technical support, they don't do data recovery... fuck. They sent me some company url which does data recovery, after talking to the guy, it cost around AUD2400, same price with my iMac... fuck. I gave up... Applications, music, project, documents, videos, TUTORIALS! lost. Lesson learned, backup to DVD no matter what.


  1. alo leo..

    kalo kata supervisorku yg skrng tuh.. hardisknya di getok gitu sekali.. (katanya sih sebagian bisa berhasil), abis itu cepet2 backup..

    ato pake RAID 1 aja utk kedepan leo..

    skrng gw jg lagi nyari software yg bisa RAID, ga dpt2..

    ok leo, moga2 bs kebaca hardisknya..

  2. Hell that's a lot of money.... HDD just like a big block of Tofu. X_X
    Mine it's like reaching to the end of it's life. i have no idea what's wrong, it's just no well.

  3. there is still a possibility of recovering it. http://www.acronis.com/enterprise/products/ATIES/universal-restore.html .and if you're really cheap..theres always torrents :) .

  4. The thing is my PC won't detect, nvm I've let it go. Probably will bring back to Indo for cheaper recovery cost. Thanks!


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