27 August 2007

Pre Paradise

So... It's 1 week left before I'm going back to Medan. I've been jobless this month but luckily my savings is still more than enough to cover my expenses, at least till next year...hopefully. A lot of things happened but unfortunately I've just got internet installed after 3 weeks from 1st of August.. sucks..

Recent news is about the new version of maya and max. Funny they rename it to 2008 instead of Version 9. I personally didn't like the sound of that, but hey, it's autodesk.. they never listen to a customer like you. Overall improvement is worth to look at, especially on rigging and nCloth side. Modeling workflow is also increased by replacing 123 key to smooth.. very good workflow. But this time I'm more eagerly to wait for Modo 301. A lot of cool features that yet haven't been explored, and it will somehow slowly change our old school way of doing 3d.

Aside from 3D, Stanley my ex-colleague just celebrated his wedding few weeks ago. Lots of fun on the wedding dinner, especially toward the end, because AhLoong and Cjinq are both pawned and got drunk.. LOL. Congratulations Stanley, if you're reading this.

Since I'm no longer working, this blog will be slowly changing into personal blog. I'm taking a break and going back to learn traditional art, but I'll try to post any technical stuffs that I find interesting to be shared. :D

So, if you ask me what's my daily activities now? GAMING.. yeah..I'm so addicted to DOTA.. and eat. as much as I can before going back. I've just had Tony Roma's tonight, that made me want to post it..

First, it's the potato skin.. starter..

Then.. for me.. the uber-famous beef-rib..

as for my gf, she ordered chicken something lol..

In the end, we realized we ordered too much.. I'll probably skip my meal tomorrow...

07 August 2007


I've been away from internet these few days.. just moved house.. so there's no internet and I'm so so outdated..

Good news is.. I bought wii.. at least it kept me staying out of boredom.. The internet should be ready within this week.. so till then..

I'm also preparing material to be sent to IndoCG showoff artbook..