30 January 2006

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

I promised last week that I'm gonna do the step by step sketch drawing. I'M SORRY...seems like this week I'm fully blown with tight schedules. Gotta to arrange my flight back, visited some old friends, goin outstation. Sorry guys, but I'll try my best to fulfill my responsibility.

25 January 2006


Starting from now on, I'll try to post sketches once in a week.
Adez and some friends are organizing some sort of 'art school' in YM.
Everybody in the membership must submit sketches.
It's a good idea to learn together :)
*if u wanna join, let me know (sorry, but it's only in indonesian)

Here's some of mine. please go easy on me. I ain't expert!
* Some of the sketches are direct copy from another artists, as learning purposes
* Funky Graffiti graphic was made by my fella colleague Drewster!

24 January 2006

WIP process_04

Finished the ear (taken from my demon model, tweak the shape).
Enough for today.
Challenge start tomorrow^^ quite hard to get resemblance.

WIP process_03

done with the eyes, I'll just steal the ears from the demon and stitch to this model, lazy to do the ears.

slight update

Got my new domain : www.elte.co.nr
Update a shoutbox on my blog, below the 'link'

Demostration on Channel lighting

my fella colleague KFC has posted this in his blog. A cool way to adjust light in post-prod. Really efficient and useful.

check it out : http://secretmayarecipe.blogspot.com/

23 January 2006

WIP process_02

done with the lips, enough for today.

WIP process_01

Didn't get enough sleep last nite.
exhausted today.
Hope project is not coming so soon, so I can finish this model before Chinese New Year.

20 January 2006

WIP started!

I thought it might be a good idea to post a personal work I'm working now for my own record and for those reading my blog.
Yeap..modeling a girl. This time, I rather choose cute asian celebrity. And it falls to MoonGeunYoung, korean actress. Her face is unique that maybe I can give a chance to exaggerate.

First step is to do research. Easy, google is the best for this.
Next step, align the proportion of the face in Photoshop.

19 January 2006

Semi Demon Timelapse tutorial

The model has been done quite a while.
Now I got time to make good use for the community.
Thought I might share it. So I post the process with a little bit of explanation.
here's the link
I hope it's useful.

loomis Drawing book

It's no more public server.
You might be able to get it here :


18 January 2006

Free Time

Project's done. Learnt a lot.
Goin back next week (again!) for a week , Chinese New Year.
Doin experiment, on maya-Zbrush-RealFlow.

you can check out the commercial in Twisted's website.


16 January 2006

Shortest trip ever

Went back to Medan due to my visa expiry on Friday.
Just came back this morning and straight away head to office. I'm bloody sleepy now.
Had lots of fun in Medan. Shortest trip ever.
Managed to gathered with old friends.
Really appreciated the chance.

12 January 2006


credit by Loocas duber

Autodesk completes acquisition of Alias

check out the alias website, what a sad news.

Anyway, I hope the merging will bring benefit to both companies and users. (lucky I haven't got any tattoo yet)

Better workflow integration, One day there is no more .max or .mb ... *.mab eh?

the detail of the acquisition can be found here

11 January 2006

RfM batch render


path=C:\Program Files\Alias\Maya6.0\bin <- set maya batch render path

render -r rman i:\projects\Chipsmore10354\scenes\animation\leo\sc20\render_pass\sc20_chippy_col.mb<- no external parameters required, since it reads from render global settings, make sure camera is renderable.

make sure in the images: use "/" instead of "\"

My working visa is on process now, I might go back to Medan for couple days, in the worst case ( at least I can relax for few days :P)

10 January 2006

methilda's funny article

You might be Medan Lang if:

-You carry handphone to pasar and call your
neighbour "kha me lai ar,
kia jit e kangkung ane phi lo"
-You manage to buy expensive stuff to show
are rich.
-You think durian is your life.
-You fly becak just go to nia ang pau.
-You send your kids to US just for gengsi..
-You go to a park and drink 'liang teh' instead
kue ci seng.
-You travel Medan-Penang more than 3 times a
-You mix pisang and huan cu at the same time
and you call it kolak.
-You have more credit cards than your name
-You wish to have a car with "ang BK" forever.
-You call your friends in jakarta "pa sia khiau
-Your stomach growls when you don't
eat "Kalimantan Asek e toktok"
for a day.
-You talk even your neighbour were sleep.
-You eat kue tiau goreng in the morning.
-You prefer Christian Dior or YSL than red A or
-You know Pak Tungtung more than great
-You carry a 10 Kilos of kue Bika Ambon
you travel to jakarta.
-You listen to "Wang Cing Nien" song even you
prefer "Teng Lie Cin".
-You are willing to travel 25 miles to buy a thing
that you think will
Rp. 25 Cheaper.
-You are "Dreaming of a winter and snowing
chinese new year"
-You are very good at avoiding police officer.
-You have ever successfully put Rp.10.000 in
pasport to pass the
immigration officer.
-You have ever successfully put envelope in
suitcase to pass a
customs officer.
-You have extra pocket to put USD and pin it
peniti when you go abroad.
-You tight a pita to your kopor as a sign.
-You have ever wear a sandal jepit to shopping
-You have ever compare naik taxi or naik becak
mesin lebih murah.
-You do your shopping in Pasar Ramai.
-You bring your whole family or even neighbour
to a
wedding party.
-You know exactly how many people living in
same street with you.
-You have ever eaten sate padang in Jln.
-You go to Binjai just to eat ifumi.
-The first thing that comes to mind when
the word "Jakarta" is "Juak"
-You use the terms "Ai khi ta lok? Ai khi ciak
hong", "Ciak pa bo kang co",
"ce kai anna bo ka si, bo tua bo se", as a basis
-Your daily conversation may include your
-If your neighbour buy one, you will buy two.
-You use bang hio more than baygon in your
-You have at least 1 pair of Bakiak in your
-You always compare your kids class ranking
another: "Lu e kia gia
te kui mia? Wa e kia gia te it mia lo". [ciak pa
-You always ask your friend: "lu u kui kai kia
CE lo ha? Ane hebat!"

04 January 2006

some better blendshape by peter shipkov

Lets imagine the next situation: we have a nice modeled face with 20-30 ( or maybe 500 ) blendShapes for facial expressions. Ok, sounds great, but what happens if we need to change, for example - cheeks, eyesockets or whatever other is needed ? Is it needed to remodel everything ?
Would be really nice if the blendShapes are dependent by the basic geometry - remodel only the basic one - update the blends automaticly.

I will use a simple scene with 3 spheres to keep the things simple ...
The left two spheres are blendTargets, the right one is the baseShape ( deformed object ).

In fact this simple technique works with all the deformer types. We can easily change the topology of any skinClustered geometry without messing-up too mutch the construction history. To do it fallow the next steps:
1. Add a empty transform node - "createNode transform";
2. Display the intermediateShape ( with command "DisplayIntermediataObject" from the "Deform" menu ) of the skined shape, and parent it under the empty transform node - "parent -add -s theNameOfTheIntermediateShape theNameOfTheNewTransform". This will create isntance of the intermediate shape.
3. Apply whatever you want modifications over the instanced intermediate shape and then delete its construction history.