29 December 2005

pixart photo album

Transform your digital camera photos into a professionally-made coffee table book! With Pixart’s unique FREE-to-download software, you can create your own masterpiece from those unforgettable occasions like birthdays, weddings, vacations, graduations, anniversaries or the birth of your baby.

28 December 2005

matchmoving day

*image have been removed due to confidentiality issue.

lots of new stuff that I learnt
comparing maya live, boujou and matchmover.
I end up using manual track :P scene is too complicated for auto-track
not enough informations given as well.

23 December 2005

Merry X'mas 2005!

Twisted Media Staffs. It's a really really great pleasure to work with them. And I thank everyone for the opportunity to learn and know you guys better.

22 December 2005

eyes aim constraint's problem

First, I would like to thank Misterdi for helping me with hints and tips ( yeah it's fun to hunt the treasure hehe)

problem: Eyes constraint works well, but when I rotate the eyes, the aim becomes weird, it rotates by itself in it's local axis and sometimes it flips.


-aim vector: the direction that the local axis of the constrained object will point at (in this case, the locator is in Z direction, so put 1 on Z)
-up vector: a vector that works with the aim vector to control the orientation of a constrained object. From the range of my knowledge, this is normally will point to the locator as well to avoid the flip. so in this case, put 1 on Z as well. because when you rotate the eye,
-world up vector: this one determines the scene's world up, which is Y, so put 1 into Y.

By default, up vector and world up vector would have the same value, meaning they'll stay aligned as close as possible. that's why when you rotate to the extreme degree, sometimes maya don't know which to calculate and give flip result, or double rotation, because of double orientation.

p.s: I don't really understand about this one, so please anyone, correct me if I'm wrong. :)

21 December 2005


*image removed due to confidentiality issue

so sweet...
check the render time comparison:
renderman: smooth by 1 : 3.13 secs
mentalray: unsmooth : 2.19 secs
software render: unsmooth: 5 secs ?!?

FINAL RIG 2 released

awesome script...
another one: The setup machine

both are killer automated rigging scripts

PS adjustment

by request of ICH, I tried to mimic the look of the photos.

20 December 2005

settings for composite with footage

the first thing to consider is the render global.
create a camera, mind the resolution, and lock the aspect ratio ( for TV)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

second is the camera attribute
change the focal length according to director's camera lens
set the film gate to 35mm TV projection (depending on the camera lens again)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

create an image plane:
name the image sequence properly with the format
and tick the use image sequence and fit : to size

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

adjust ur persp viewport to match the cam and plate.

*image removed due to confidentiality issue

BlendShape orientation

By default, Maya's blendshape editor window orientation would be vertical. However, if you want it to be horizontal when it loads up back, this is the script:

Go to your Maya's Other Scripts directory, for example, C:\Program Files\Alias\Maya6.0\scripts\others, then find the file called createBlendShapePanelMenul.mel, edit it using whatever editor you would normally use, Notepad will do, find the following line : -

string $ma[] = `menuBarLayout -q -menuArray $panelControl`;

straight after on the next line, add this line : -

blendShapeMenuCmd $panel bseMIHoriz;

That's it, when you load Maya up now, Horizontal Layout will be the default layout.

kudos for Steven J Tubbrit.

15 December 2005

main character done.

*image removed due to confidentiality issue
The character from the project I'm doin currently.
Modeled in 1 day, agency approval and changes = 2 weeks!! can u believe it?!?!
rigged in 3 days, gosh today is the most tiring day, gotta rush. I'm goin to visit my mom in Penang tomorrow. leave till sunday.

BlendShape add in-between target

i'll write this on my free time.

14 December 2005

Silo 2 video preview

Well...it's been cancelled.
It's used to be my main modeling software, especially the topology brush.
But too bad, they're update seems a little bit further behind modo. And Modo isn't really my preference :P

Herman Saksono

He's not just a cool 3dsmax artist. He's a cool guy too with his blog that brought him dealing with Police. Well, I'm not into politic stuff, but I'm really proud of you. Let's support freedom of speech.

Hidup Mas Herman!

12 December 2005

Sean Nolan Skel Creation

Added to the link on the right side.

He's a good TD guy, which gave me full support on the script. Thanks Sean.

You should check his Skel Creation mel. Nice concept of orienting joints without confusing new bie like me eheh.

08 December 2005

Maya env (environment) file.

This function is used to set path to your scripts folder.
Case: you have more than 100 scripts in your maya scripts folder, cluttered, and now u're confused to filter those which are not used.
example: u have 15 scripts for modeling, 55 for rigging, 20 for texturing, and 30 for the rest.
- create a folder based on the category ( ex: modeling, texturing) it can be anywhere.
- put relevant scripts to each folder.
- go to my computer, RMB and click properties, then follow this.

- what it does is actually set custom path, because maya's default script folder is in your 'my document\...'

07 December 2005

Gnomon New DVD release

This is truly christmas gift!
My wish list:
- MEL Bundle.
- Vray interior.

06 December 2005

Maya UV pelting tool

Hip hip hurray, no more cumbersome of unwrapping UV all day long, this script try to mimic UV pelt in Max. It's a very smart way of using dynamic to generate the pelt. Wonderful thing is...It's free..

I've tried version 0.99 before, it could be improved more. some calculation are still messed up..I hope in this version it's more accurate.

This script comes with handy and complete documentation as well..So no worry if u're first timer.

Needless to say, this is a must have script for those maya users. I'm personally testing a beta UVlayout software, which uses similar method, but too bad they're not integral part of maya.

04 December 2005

MVA result

Congratulations..MoonFx won a lot, especially for editing and Special effect. Twisted didn't send his work this year. RM60 this time was quite worth it, we're served with some snacks and drinks. Well, the ambient was not bad.

03 December 2005

MVA tonite

Click the link above to go to the site. No idea whether it stands for Malaysian Video Award or Moon Video Award. Anyway, I'm out of political issue here.

02 December 2005

Blendshape + joint

*image removed due to confidentiality issue

Say, u've got the head, properly done with blendshape applied. Suddenly client said.."oh you know, it should be bigger or tapered". Changing the main shape will affect the rest when you adjust the slider. and if you have defomer (lattice) applied, deleting history won't solve the problem..I'm using maya 6 in the office, but tried on v7 "bake topology to target" still doesn't work, because it's DEFORMER, not adjusting components (verts, edge, or faces).

So Khiang (our 3d head) come out with a very simple solution that i never thought of:
- so u have the head with all blendshape applied.
- modify the base head ( bigger, tapered)
- don't delete the history yet
- depending on how many expression you have, let's put 2, frown and smile.
- slide frown to 1, and then duplicate the base shape.
- slide back frown to 0 and slide smile to 1 , and then duplicate again.
- Now, u've got the new shape (tapered head).
- Delete history on base head
- Create blendshape again.


The second problem I encountered today is set preffered angle for joint.

Maya had problem calculating preferred angle if you set your joint parallel.meaning they're straight 90*. try create 3 joint from top by holding shift and apply ikHandle on it. It won't work.

1. Create joints slanted a bit. meaning they have a little bit of bend so maya know where and how to calculate.
2. you can still create straight joints, but BEFORE you create ikHandle. rotate them a bit, then RMB>set preffered angle. Set the rotation back to 0 and apply ikHandle. That way Maya remember the angle that you preffered.

I wish even myself understand this after a while :P

3D whore

A silly conversation I had with KFC last nite:

necreation: hehe... well... maya is a bitch when u donno her.
elte_tan: she's gonna be my wife man..
elte_tan: we're engaged!
necreation: wife? hahaa.... another one of those "maya is my wife" guy
necreation: maya is my whore.... LOL
elte_tan: maya is a whore then!
necreation: xsi is another one that i'm seeing.
elte_tan: damn...too many husband
elte_tan: eh i heard houdini before
necreation: modo is my wet dream.
necreation: houdini is a high class whore.
necreation: haven't got chance to touch her yet
elte_tan: good idea to post on my blog haha
elte_tan: and max is a cheap whore with too many guys(plugins)?
necreation: LOL
necreation: no. max is a cheap whore with too many make ups.
elte_tan: and i dunno how to call blender man..
necreation: not so fuckable without make ups on.
necreation: blender? they are hmmm.... girls u can pick up with nothing.
necreation: not a single penny spent.
elte_tan: what about lightwave?
elte_tan: twin whore?
necreation: lightwave? hmmm.... she's the old prostitude at chow kit. 10RM
elte_tan: since u can f*** separately?
necreation: hmmm... no buy 1 get 1 free.
necreation: LOL
elte_tan: hahahah
necreation: cinema 4d....
necreation: u name it
elte_tan: tanjinho sure will kill you man
necreation: eh... don let him know lor.
elte_tan: cinema4d = foreign whore to me
necreation: actually he admits that
necreation: cinema 4d? hmmm.... she's a german whore.... hmmm...
necreation: can make good wife type.
elte_tan: yeah..seems so loyal..
necreation: LOL
elte_tan: no make up, not many husband
elte_tan: but problem is, u gotta learn german language then hahha
necreation: skip this 1st.
necreation: yeah... the german language is the obstacles which resembles
it's handicap in no ngon support.
elte_tan: silo is another underage bitch
necreation: Silo? LOL....
necreation: she only knows how to suck dick lar.
elte_tan: u'll get caught fuckin her
necreation: but suck damm well.
necreation: suck dick won't get caught
elte_tan: hahaha...barely legal eh?
elte_tan: but in the end we're all glad there is no gay in our 3d software
necreation: no. there's a gay one.
elte_tan: huh?
necreation: http://www.ayam3d.org
necreation: opposite of maya.
necreation: so it's gay
elte_tan: ayam is just another cheap bitch
elte_tan: u know what's gay?
elte_tan: http://www.e-frontier.com/article/articleview/1597/1/281?sbss=281
elte_tan: it's poser!!
necreation: u won't say it's gay when u finds out that it can earns u money
faster than other app.
necreation: LOL
elte_tan: ssst...
necreation: heard of truespace b4?
elte_tan: that's why gay never admit they're rite?
elte_tan: space galaxy bitch?
necreation: oh.... it's an alien whore trying to get ppl to fuck them.
necreation: have u read about the new truespace 7? seems to be ambitious on
their target market.
elte_tan: ow...is it?
elte_tan: and this one new hexagon
elte_tan: whore wannabe
necreation: hexagon? hmmm....yeah. definately a whore wannabe.
necreation: carrara?
elte_tan: dun even mention that
elte_tan: ugly whore
necreation: lol
necreation: u tried it b4?
elte_tan: who wanna try ugly whore?
necreation: i tot it's better than truespace.
necreation: lol
necreation: zbrush is russian whore.
elte_tan: zbrush is a modern whore i would say
necreation: speaks in funny accent but did the job right.
elte_tan: bring new sensation
necreation: oh well... u can call that too
elte_tan: up to date whore
necreation: eh... i'd rather call it... indian whore knows yoga. (flexible)
elte_tan: yeah the zsphere can do yoga man
necreation: yeah
necreation: haha
elte_tan: ah..japanese whore = shade
necreation: anymore?
necreation: shade ar? hmmm.... that one...
necreation: sushi whore.

01 December 2005

Lor's farewell photo

I'm in the middle Yay! Jose's on my right and Lor, the skinny crazy guy.

Interesting stuffs

open your command shell : start>run>type cmd, and then type this:
telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl <- starwars in ASCII!!

face morpher: http://www.dcs.st-and.ac.uk/~morph/Transformer/